About Us

Forever Kick The Addiction To Nicotine!

Aire is designed to help smokers, e-cigarette users and people hooked on other nicotine delivery systems to Quit! From its Amazing Chic Design and perfected technology to our Natural and Proprietary formulations done in our labs, we have all the details covered to offer a cool easy nicotine free transition. Our customers will not have to give up the cigarette-like actions, so they will continue to receive oral fixation satisfaction with 8 delicious flavors, while inhaling and exhaling clean Aire. Aire provides the satisfaction necessary to meet the standards of smokers looking to switch from smoking cigarettes and/or e-cigarette devices to a much healthier alternative; and for those who prefer to take advantage of all the health benefits of CBD we have the same NICOTINE FREE line with 300mg of CBD per pod. Our CBD is with nano technology and our juice flavors are specifically designed to kill the bitter aftertaste in CBD. By inhaling 300mg of CBD per pod our customers receive the full benefits of it.

Aire Display Case

Our LED Display Case is the best way to showcase our product. It holds: 8 Aire Vape Pod Boxes (one per flavor, each box holds 12 pods) and 8 Premium Vaporizers.

Aire Premium Vaporizer

The Aire Premium Vaporizer controls the temperature and the doses of the vapor consumed by inhaling. With its 8 second max inhale before turning off, we can in-sure optimized temperature control, airflow and consistent dosage delivery.
There are no buttons or switches, just insert the pod into the Premium Vaporizer, and inhale at a normal, consistent rate, and the vaporizer will shut off automatically after 8 second and the blue light will flash to inform you when you’ve received the precise amount of your chosen formula.

Aire Vape Pods

Each Aire Pod is filled with a proprietary Liquid formulation that combines: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, natural oils, and natural flavors. Placed in a “match
box” size box, it can easily be carried in any pocket.

8 Delicious Flavor Pods

Pineapple. Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry, Green Apple, Raspberry, Mint, and Melon.

Experience freedom from the mess of cigarette ash and odor, but most importantly the addiction to Nicotine. Start using Aire Vape Pods to replace your current addicting nicotine smoking habit, and dis-cover just how easy it is to transition to a no-nicotine, non-addicting, completely safe, quit-at-anytime smoking experience.